thank-you-finalWith due modesty, some generous comments from people I have had the pleasure of working with:
As Ken Buckfield Marketing Consultant:

“I brought Ken back to Jacksons as a consultant towards the end of 2014 specifically to develop a focussed strategy which would leverage our investment in developing certified and approved high security solutions for the protection of high risk sites and critical infrastructure and to restage the rest of our commercial portfolio. Over the course of 21 months, he did just that and I feel we’re much better equipped in the breadth and depth of our marketing assets and team focus to capitalise on opportunities”.

Peter Jackson, CEO, Jacksons Fencing

“Ken has worked with us in analysing our commercial proposition and the staging of our brands, products and services as a cohesive portfolio. He brings fresh perspectives to the way we present the business to our various stakeholders across a broad mix of audiences whilst providing valuable direction and composition to our brand”.

Simon Banks, Group Managing Director, CSL DualCom Group
As Ken Buckfield Marketing Consultant, managing director Loud Whisper Ltd, director of Rainmaker Corporation Ltd, managing director of EPB Communications, managing director Buckfield Lord & Co. Ltd:

“Ken combines vast knowledge and experience with creativity, which has always helped us to discover new ways to increase our business. I thoroughly recommend him as a business associate.”

Mike Atkins, Executive Officer, Pan European Communications Business, JVCKENWOOD
As Non Executive Chairman, Slipstream Studio Ltd:

“How many people would you trust with your livelihood? How many have the foresight and capability to drive a business through an extremely competitive and volatile economic climate? Under Ken’s stewardship as Non Executive Chairman, Slipstream has not only been able to evolve and grow, but also to establish itself in one of the most competitive industry sectors operating in a rapidly changing communications landscape, by delivering highly effective digital, social and experiential programmes for a broad range of established brands and enterprises. 

In under two years of working with him, Slipstream has nearly doubled its turnover and operating profit; a testament to his intellect, experience and direct input. He is one of the best business advisors and creative marketers we have been fortunate enough to become involved with. Incisive, demanding yet generous by nature, Ken simply lives and breathes brands and releasing the potential of business”.

Dan Griffey, Mike Gumm, Directors, Slipstream Studio
As Marketing and Board Director, Jacksons Fencing Ltd:

“The ultimate professional, Ken is more than just a marketing man; he is a marketing Guru. A clear, strategic thinker and visionary, with a wealth of experience throughout many sectors of business, which enables him to come up with imaginative initiatives and original ideas. He is also a phenomenally hard worker, with an absolute determination to get projects completed and certainly knows how to motivate a team. He has a dogged eye for detail and quality, and will not quit until he has got it spot on. I was lucky enough to work with Ken for over two years, throughout this time I’ve learned a lot and benefitted from his experience, intelligence and professionalism”.

Louise Tomlin, Marketing Manager, Jacksons Fencing

“Ken was a great client to work for. He had a great mix of agency and client side marketing experience to help develop his cohesive marketing strategy. Together we managed the development of Jackson’s online marketing strategy very successfully”.

Paul Stephen, Director, Sagittarius Marketing
As Ken Buckfield Marketing Consultant, director of Rainmaker Corporation Ltd, managing director of EPB Communications, managing director Buckfield Lord & Co. Ltd:

“Ken is a great business advisor as he naturally has a gift to understand and grasp quickly any business situation. He is also able to quickly come up with creative and practical solutions. Ken is easy to get on with and may I also say a pleasure to work with. I highly recommended him”.

Scott Bannatyne, Managing Director, JVCKENWOOD UK Ltd
As director of Rainmaker Corporation Ltd

“Ken has a wealth of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. Using his experience in the M&A of agencies Ken has helped me clarify the direction of Mason Zimbler needs to take in the future and the possibilities available to us”. (In January 2008 Mason Zimbler was acquired by Harte Hanks at an extraordinary PE).

Mark Mason, Former CEO Mason Zimbler, now, CEO Mubaloo
As managing director of Loud Whisper Ltd, managing director Buckfield Lord & Co. Ltd:

“There can be no doubt that Ken’s personal contribution to, and enthusiasm for, played a huge part in the early success of Trio Kenwood. Working within ‘tight’ budgets and difficult market conditions Ken and his team created a truly inspired series of campaigns and I cannot fault his creativity and ‘sense of fun’. A pleasure to work with and an all round ‘good egg’”.

Tim Mabley, CEO, Purple Sound
As managing director of EPB Communications:

“Ken excels as a planner – always seeking out new and ground breaking approaches AND as leader of the team – encouraging, supporting and driving towards the best possible delivery.”

Karen Lee , Co-founder, The Marcomms Department
As managing director of EPB Communications, managing director Buckfield Lord & Co. Ltd:

“Ken is one of the best strategic thinkers I’ve worked with. His unbridled passion for brands and how to invest in their future along with inventive ways of promoting them is an example to all communication experts. Plus he has a creative approach that makes it a pleasure to collaborate on projects of any magnitude.”

Jon Iredale, Group Creative Head at Live & Breathe, London
As president of COMIN (Communications International Network), managing director Buckfield Lord & Co. Ltd:

“Back in the 1990’s I worked with Ken. I had an ad agency in Belgium, he headed an agency in the UK and we were both part of a network of independent agencies called COMIN. Ken was President of that club. Together with him, I visited European countries, looking for new partners. I always found it a true pleasure to work with him on those occasions. Ken is a genuine marketing-communications specialist and a business man pur sang. He has a lot of business empathy and is a great guy to work with. What also helps is his great sense of humour”.

Harry Demey, CEO, LDV United, Antwerp