What I do

What do I think commercial success looks like in these interesting times?


Simple really – persuading more people to spend more with you, more often.

But unless you have a unique and overwhelmingly compelling proposition and luck on your side, market creation is unlikely to be an option, so success is also going to be about out-marketing your competitors to win market share.

How? By buying it? That’s not sustainable. Neither is simply adding value (it is just another form of discount after all).

What I believe is that value added propositions, being customer-centric, providing a great service (remember, today’s customer doesn’t just judge you against your competition, but against all their purchase experiences), investing in your people, products and processes and applying insight and intelligence are the key differentiators for real and sustainable success. If you can package and present your proposition so that it’s more engaging and compelling than your competitors’ and take it to the right audience using the right channels at the right time, you’ll win their preference before making a purchase and their cash when they do – and grow your market share.

Okay, so that’s not rocket science. But while you’re concentrating on doing business in today’s uncertain environment, will you honestly still have the time, experience and expertise within your organisation to nurture your brand; interrogate and unearth its strengths and identify the weaknesses of your competitors – or will you simply continue to do what you’ve been doing and react to what the market throws at you?

This is where I come in. I’ve been around the block a few times, so I know the right questions to ask and what to do with the answers, I will help you uncover brand strengths you didn’t know you had and help you to use them against your competitors…it’s what I do for a living.

Whether retained on a brand overhaul, changing or reinforcing a position, informing brand extensions or new product development, driving programmes to infuse internal change, or simply extracting greater value from every transaction, you’ll find my fast, agile and practical approach refreshing, highly productive and great value.